YouTube launched ‘Shorts’ in Ticktock’s option Check now

YouTube Shorts Launched In India, Hopes To Fill Spot Vacated By TikTok Ban

On YouTube’s shorts platform, users will be able to create short videos in 15 seconds or less and upload them here.

  • To shoot and edit videos, users will find many tools here.
  • YouTube has around 308 million active users in India

After Instagram’s reel feature rollout in Ticktock’s option, YouTube has now launched the short video making platform Shorts for its Indian users. As is clear from the name itself, here users will be able to make short videos like TicTalk.

Let us know that since the Chinese app was banned, there was a lot of speculation about the option of Tiktok app on YouTube. However, now the company has made its official announcement. Let us know that since TicTalk has been banned in India, many short video making apps have been launched since then. Now YouTube’s name has also been added to this link.

What is the specialty of shorts?

According to media reports, on YouTube’s shorts platform, users will be able to create short videos and upload them here in 15 seconds or less. Users will also find a variety of tools to shoot and edit videos. Apart from this, the special thing that will happen is that users will be allowed to add videos to YouTube’s licensed songs by editing the video with them.

Will be able to use soon

YouTube has written in its blog that we hope that this app will give a new experience for users. Indian users can use it very soon. We are launching an early beta with shorts. Gradually we will keep improving the shorts. In the coming months, more features will be added to this app. It will also be expanded to more countries.

Users base will get benefit

Let us tell you that TicketLock was a very popular short video app in India. India was among the top countries to use the TikTok app. This video app had around 200 million users in India. On the other hand, if you look at the number of active users on YouTube, then there are around 308 million active users. This number is much higher than that of Ticketcock. In such a situation how useful this app proves to be for YouTube, it will tell only the time to come.


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