Ticktok vs Youtube vs Insta Reels: Market ends after Tiktok!

  • Currently the beta version of YouTube shorts has been launched in India
  • Beta version not updated on most mobiles
  • The new version will reach everyone in the next updates if the test is successful

YouTube, the world’s largest user-generated video platform, has decided to challenge short video-making platforms. According to the analyst, all the platforms, including Instagram reels after TikTok were banned in India, will be a big challenge for them to stand in front of YouTube.

First let’s talk about her relationship with YouTube and short videos. YouTube itself began in 2005 with the 18-second video ‘Me at the zoo’. After this, Charlie Bit My Finger liked people so much that they had to search for the name ‘viral video’. Let’s know what is the new service and how you can use it-

First of all, what is YouTube shorts?

  • YouTube has launched its short video platform YouTube Shorts. There is no need to download any separate app for this. Rather, it is available on the same platform that you have been using.
  • There will be two types of videos uploaded on YouTube shorts. 1. You will be able to create 15 seconds of video using new camera tools. 2. If you are unable to access the camera tools, then uploading vertical videos up to 60 seconds will have to write #Shorts in their title and description. This will identify them.
  • This shorts video will appear on the shorts video shelf, on YouTube’s home page. It will appear in many other places in the YouTube app. YouTube will also highlight up to 60 seconds of vertical videos. There is a beta version of shorts at the moment, meaning it is being updated.

How do you know if a shorts camera update has been received?

  • If you have access to a shorts camera, you can instantly create short vertical videos from the YouTube app. To see if you have access, you have to do this-
  • Open the YouTube app. Press the ‘+’ icon (or video camera icon in iOS)
  • Select ‘Video’
  • If ‘Make Shorts Video’ appears, it means you have access to the shorts camera. You can make your first shorts video.

What to do if shorts do not have camera access?

  • If you have not yet got access to the shorts camera, you can still upload your vertical videos, but it should be shorter than 60 seconds. After uploading such videos, use #Shorts in title and description.
  • You do not always have to do this. YouTube shorts will also reach you in some time. After that you will also be able to use shorts camera tools.

Now, what about the Instagram reels?

  • After the ban of TikTok, many short video platforms came to India. Prominent in this was the reels of Instagram. It will be interesting to see how and how many videos will be made on Instagram reels after YouTube shorts.
  • There is no need to download the app separately for Instagram reels. Reels also make up to 15 seconds of video. You can post this video on insta story or feed.
  • Reels gives you the option of editing using AR effects and music. Speed ​​control of the video and TicketLock’s ‘Duet’ feature are also in it.
What position will be created in the market with the arrival of YouTube?
  • There are around 600 million smartphones in India, which could cross 75 million by next year. Looking at the statistics of Statista, 90% of users in India use Android phones. That means 55 crore people have Android phones. They have YouTube in-built. This is several times more than Tiktok’s 200 million and Instagram’s 100 million active users.


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