Flipkart Fyi Quiz Answer today 3rd March

FYI stands for “For Your Knowledge” is a very popular topic and in this topic, Flipkart provide a platform for playing quizzes and win exciting prizes. FYI quiz answer today is available here.

How we play Flipkart For Your Information Quiz?

  • Download the Flipkart App From the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Open and Sign up now to the Flipkart App.
  • Go to the Game Section In the App & Find Fake Or Not Fake Answers Quiz
  • Here Will Be 3 Questions show now
  • Answer All the Quiz Questions Correctly To Win the exciting Gifts and rewards.

Flipkart FYI Answers Today 3 March 2021–

  1. Zaheer Khan 2.  Sardar Vallabh 3. Odissa

Flipkart FYI Answers Today 1st March 2021–

  1. Atal Bihari Vajpayee 2. Kings Xl Punjab 3. Dolakpur

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Flipkart FYI Answers Today 28 February 2021–

  1. Raja Babu 2. Sachin Tendulkar 3. 16-Sixteen

Q1: In Which Of These Films Was Karisma Kapoor The Heroine Opposite Govinda?

Answer 1: Raja Babu

Q2: Which Indian Cricketer’s Autobiography Is ‘Playing It My Way’?

Answer 2: Sachin Tendulkar

Q3: ______ Aane Sach. Fill In The Blank To Complete The Saying That Means Something Is 100% True.

Answer 3: 16- Sixteen

Flipkart FYI Answers Today 27 February 2021–

  1. Weight Lifting 2. Toyota 3. Krishna

Flipkart FYI Answers Today 26 February 2021–

  1. Mangalyaan 2. Hockey 3. Emu

Q1: Which Of These Can Be Found On The Reverse Side Of 2000 Rupees Note?

Answer 1: Mangalyaan

Q2: The Movie ‘Soorma’ Starring Diljit Dosanjh Is Based On Which Sport?

Answer 2: Hockey

Q3: Which Of These Birds Lays Green Eggs?

Answer 3: Emu

Flipkart FYI Answers Today 25 February 2021–

  1. Punjab 2. BSE 3. Abhisheak Bacchan

Q1:Which Is The First State To Be Mentioned In The Indian National Anthem?

Answer 1: Punjab

Q2: Which Of These Institutions Is Located On Dalal Street In Mumbai?

Answer 2: BSE

Q3: Which Of These Actors Has Played Amitabh Bachchan’s Father In A Film?

Answer 3: Abhishek Bachchan

Flipkart FYI Answers Today 24 February 2021–

  1. Induslnd Bank 2. Gauhar-Zaid 3. Image 1 Kiwi

Q1: Which Of The Following Is Not A Public Sector Bank?

Answer 1: Induslnd Bank

Q2: Which Of These Couples Have Got Married Most Recently?

Answer 2: Gauhar Khan- Zaid 

Q3: Which Of The These Fruits Has More Than One Seed?

Answer 3: Image-1 (Kiwi)

FYI Answers Today 23 February 2021–Win Oppo Reno 5 Pro

  1. Tuberculosis 2. The gaba 3. 6 SIX

FYI Answers Today 22 February 2021

FYI: GK Badhega Prize Jeetega

Q1: Which Of The Following Places In India Is The First To See The Sunrise?

Answer 1: Arunachal Pradesh

Q2: Which Of The Following Personalities Has Not Been Awarded Prestigious Bharat Ratna?

Answer 2: Amitabh Bachchan

Q3: In Which Of These Cities Could You Spend An Evening At A Beach?

Answer 3: Chennai

FYI Answers Today 21 February 2021–Win Oppo Reno 5 Pro

Q1: Who Is The Original Singer Of The Song ‘Tera Ghata’?

Answer 1: Gajendra V

Q2: Which Of These Films Features The Battle Of Saragarhi?

Answer 2: Kesari

Q3: What Is The Name Of The Vehicle Of Ravana In Which He Could Fly To Any Destination?

Answer 3: Pushpaka Vimana

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