Flipkart FYI Quiz Answer Today 7 March

FYI stands for “For Your Knowledge” is a very popular topic and in this topic, Flipkart provide a platform for playing quizzes and win exciting prizes. FYI quiz answer today is available here.

How we play Flipkart For Your Information Quiz?

  • Download the Flipkart App From the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Open and Sign up now to the Flipkart App.
  • Go to the Game Section In the App & Find Fake Or Not Fake Answers Quiz
  • Here Will Be 3 Questions show now
  • Answer All the Quiz Questions Correctly To Win the exciting Gifts and rewards.

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Flipkart FYI Answers Today 7 March 2021–

Q1: Which Of These Fruits Is Normally Used To Make Chyavanprash ?

Answer 1: Amla

Q2: Which Is The Most Common Gas In The Earthy’s Atmosphere ?

Answer 2: Nitrogen

Q3: 3. Which Company Made The First Ever Mobile Phone ?

Answer 3: Motorola

6 Mach 2021

Q1  Which Of These Letters Is Found Between The Letters ‘ U ‘ And ‘ O ‘ On A QWERTY Keyboard ?

Answer 1: I

Q2: Which Of These Is Found In The Full Form Of The USB Used In Computers

Answer 2: (Image 1)

Q3: Which Of These Animals Represents The Bahujan Samaj Party In India ?

Answer 3: Elephant

Flipkart FYI Answers Today 5 March 2021–

  1. Maldives 2. Akbar’s Tombs 3. Manish Pandey

Flipkart FYI Answers Today 4 March 2021–

  1. Italy 2. 6 3. My Dear Kuttichathan

Q1: Which Country Has Given Pizza And Pasta To The World ?

Answer 1:Italy

Q2: How Many Legs Does A Mosquito Have ?

Answer 2: 6 

Q3: Which Is The First Indian 3D Film ?

Answer 3: My Dear Kuttichathan

Flipkart FYI Answers Today 3 March 2021–

  1. Zaheer Khan 2. Sardar Vallabh 3. Odissa

Flipkart FYI Answers Today 2nd March 2021–

  1. Patna 2. Biryani 3. USA

Q1: Which Of These Places Marks The Birthplace Of Guru Gobind Singh?

Answer 1: Patna

Q2: What Are Dindigul Memoni – Thalassery And Ambur All Types Of?

Answer 2: Biryani

Q3: In Which Country Did The First Aeroplane Fly?

Answer 3: USA

Flipkart FYI Answers Today 1st March 2021–

Q1: Who Is Acknowledged To Have Coined The Name TEJAS’ For The Indian Made Light Combat Aircraft?

Answer 1: Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Q2: Which Of These Teams Has Never Won The IPL?

Answer 2: Kings Xl Punjab

Q3:  In Which Town Or Village Does Chhota Bheem Live In The Popular TV Cartoon Series?

Answer 3: Dolakpur

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