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Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 17 May:- Daily Trivia Quiz is organized by the Flipkart app, if you can win the exciting prizes and more then you can play now Daily Trivia Quiz. Present time Flipkart organizes the different quizzes, games and distributes prizes and rewards on the basis of your skills.

In a Flipkart app go to the game section and play now, Give the correct answer for all questions and you are eligible for winning the rewards.

How To Play Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz 17 May 2021

  • Open Flipkart App
  • Go To Game Zone
  • Click On Daily Trivia Banner
  • Search For Daily Trivia
  • Answer all 5 questions with correct answers

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Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 17 May 2021

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Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 16 May 2021

Q1: In the show Friends, Which character is a struggling actor?

Answer 1: Joey

Q2:What is the name of Jack Sparrow’s ship in the film Pirates of the Caribbean?

Answer 2: The Black Pearl

Q3: What is common to the biopics of Sarabjit and MC Mary Kom?

Answer 3: The Director

Q4: The Javed Jaffrey starring film ‘Jajantaram Mamantaram’ is based on which book?

Answer 4: Gullivers travels

Q5: Whose first appearance was in the animated short ‘The Wise Little Hen’?

Answer 5: Donald Duck

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 15 May 2021

Q1: Which online marketplace was co-founded by Suchi Mukherjee in 2012?

Answer 1: Limeroad

Q2: Which of these dishes can be created with comic character Popeye’s source of power?

Answer 2: Palak ka saag

Q3: After which tree did The Economist magazine name its Asia column?

Answer 3: Banyan

Q4: Who directed the first film where Shah Rukh Khan was named Rahul?

Answer 4: Yash Chopra

Q5: Which Indian scientist authored the book ‘A History of Hindu Chemistry

Answer 5: Prafulla Chandra Ray

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 14 May 2021

Q1: In Which State Is The Birsa Munda Athletics Stadium Located?

Answer 1: Jharkhand

Q2:  Who Is The 1st Bowler To Take Wickets In 4 Consecutive Balls Twice?

Answer 2: Lasith Malinga

Q3: Which Team Is The First In Cricket History To Play A Thousand Test Matches?

Answer 3: England

Q4: Who Among The Following Has Not Scored A Century On Test Debut?

Answer 4: Sunil Gavaskar

Q5: In Which State Is The Lakshmibai National College Of Physical Education Situated?

Answer 5: Kerala

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 13 May 2021

Q1: Which famous music composing duo was known by the acronym ‘S-J’?

Answer 1: Shankar-Jaikishan

Q2: Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahunga is a song from which film starring Shraddha Kapoor?

Answer 2: Half Girlfriend

Q3: Which Hindi film is based in a village called Charanpur?

Answer 3: Swades

Q4: Who was born in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu and was married to Mithun Chakraborty in the 1980s?

Answer 4: Sridevi

Q5: Which film by Megan Mylan won the Academy Award for Best Short Documentary?

Answer 5: Smile Pinki 

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 6 May 2021

Q1: Which of these IPL teams has been captained by Gautam Gambhir?

Answer 1: Kolkatta knight riders

Q2:  Recently, Kane Williamson replaced which player as the captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad?

Answer 2: David warner

Q3: Which defunct IPL team has won an IPL title?

Answer 3: Deccan charges

Q4: Royal Challengers Bangalore defeated which team by the margin of 1 run in the IPL 2021 season?

Answer 4: Delhi capitals

Q5: Who among these has only played for only one IPL team in their career?

Answer 5: Rishabh Pant

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 5 May 2021

Q1: The name Sunrisers is used by a team from which of these cities?

Answer 1: Hyderabad

Q2: Which franchise is joinly owned by the GMR Group and the JSW Group?

Answer 2: Dehli Capital

Q3: Who among these has taken the most wickets in the IPL?

Answer 3: Lasith Malinga

Q4: The theme song of which team is the Whistle Podu?

Answer 4: Chennai Superkings

Q5:  Who is the oldest player to have played in the IPL?

Answer 5: Brad Hogg

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 4 May 2021

Q1: Which of these cities has been represented by more than 1 team in

Answer 1: Hyderabad

Q2: Which team is the defending champion for the ongoing season of the IPL?

Answer 2: Mumbai Indians

Q3: Which team did this player represent in the first 3 seasons of the IPL?

Answer 3: Kings XI Punjab

Q4: Who recently scored a 99* on his IPL captaincy debut?

Answer 4: Mayank Agrawal 

Q5: Who scored the only half-century of the 2008 IPL final?

Answer 5: Yusuf Pathan

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 3 May 2021

Que 1: Which Delhi Capitals player has hit the most number of 4s in the IPL?

Answer 1: Shikhar Dhawan

Que 2: Which of these brands has never been the title sponsor of IPL?

Answer 2:  Coco Cola

Que 3: Identify this former Indian Cricketer who is currently the assistant coach of Delhi Capitals?

Answer 3:Pravin Amre

Que 4: Who among these has played more than 200 matches in the IPL?

Answer 4: Dinesh Kartik

Que 5: Which umpire has officiated the most no. of IPL matches?

Answer 5: Sundaram Ravi

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 2 May 2021

Que 1: Who among these did not serve as a captain in the first season of the IPL?

Ans 1: Rohit Sharma

Que 2: Which state is represented in domestic cricket by Mumbai Indians player Ishan Kishan?

Ans 2: Jharkhand

Que 3: This is the IPL journey of which of these players – DD to MI to KXIP to DD to KXIP to RCB?

Ans 3: Glenn Maxwell

Que 4: In 2017, which IPL team scored the lowest score (49 runs) in the history of IPL?

Answer 4: Royal Chalerngers Banglore

Que 5: Against which bowler did Prithvi Shaw hit six 4s in the first over of the inning against KKR?

Ans 5: Shivam Mavi

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 1 May 2021

Q1: Adam Gilchrist was the captain of which IPL team in the first three seasons of IPL ?

Answer 1: Deccan Charges 

Q2: R. Ashwin , who plays for___ pulled out of IPL 2021 season due to personal reasons .

Answer 2: Dehli Capital

Q3:Who among these has taken 6 wickets in an innings in the IPL ?

Answer 3: Sohail Tanvir

Q4: The final of the inaugural IPL season was played at which stadium ?

Answer 4: DY Patil Stadium

Q5: Which of these players has never played for the IPL team Punjab Kings ?

Answer 5: Harbhajan Singh

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