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Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 24 April:- Daily Trivia Quiz is organized by the Flipkart app, if you can win the exciting prizes and more then you can play now Daily Trivia Quiz. Present time Flipkart organizes the different quizzes, games and distributes prizes and rewards on the basis of your skills.

In a Flipkart app go to the game section and play now, Give the correct answer for all questions and you are eligible for winning the rewards.

How To Play Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz 24 April 2021

  • Open Flipkart App
  • Go To Game Zone
  • Click On Daily Trivia Banner
  • Search For Daily Trivia
  • Answer all 5 questions with correct answers

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Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 24 April 2021

Q1. Which of these players has not won an IPL trophy as the captain of their team?

Answer 1: Virat Kohli

Q2: Identify this RCB player who recently scored his maiden IPL century against Rajasthan Royals?

Answer 2: Devadatta Padikal 

Q3: Who was the first cicketer to be sold in the IPL 2021 aution?

Answer 3: Stive Smith

Q4: 4. Which bowler delivered the most maiden overs in the IPL 2020 season?

Answer 4: Trent Boult 

Q5: Rahul Tewatia played for which team before Rajasthan Royals in the 2020 season?

Answer 5: Delhi Capitals

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 12 April 2021

Que 1: The Inaugural Match Of IPL 2021 Was Played In Which City?

Ans 1: Chennai

Que 2: Who Hit The Longest Six (106 M) In The IPL 2020 Season?

Ans 2: Nicolas Pooran

Que 3: Who Among These Took A Hat Trick In The IPL 2020 Season?

Ans 3: No One

Que 4: For The 2021 Season, Cheteshwar Pujara Was Bought By CSK For His Base Price Of

Ans 4: Rs 50 Lakh

Que 5: Identify This Rajasthan Royals Player.

Ans 5: Rahul Tewatia

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 11 April 2021

Que 1: Sanju Samson is the captain of which IPL team?

Ans 1: Rajasthan Royals

Que 2:  Which bowler has the best economy rate in IPL history?

Ans 2: Rashid Khan

Que 3: Which of these countries player has never captained an IPL team?

Ans 3: Zimbabwe

Que 4; Which team was the runners up of the inaugural season of the IPL?

Ans 4: Chennai Super Kings

Que 5: Identify this CSK player who pulled out of IPL 2021 due to personal reasons.

Ans 5: Josh Hazlewood

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 10 April 2021

Que 1:

Ans 1: Punjab Kings

Que 2:

Ans 2: Harbhajan Singh

Que 3:

Ans 3: Delhi Capitals

Que 4:

Ans 4: Ishan Kishan

Que 5:

Ans 5: Sweden

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 9 April 2021

Que 1: Which team has renamed itself ahead of the IPL 2021 season?

Ans 1: KXIP

Que 2: Delhi Capitals has named which cricketer as the captain for IPL 2021 after Shreyas Iyer was ruled out due to injury?

Ans 2: Rishabh Pant

Que 3: Which of these cities is not an IPL 2021 venue?

Ans 3: Ranchi

Que 4: Which IPL team’s co-owner can be seen in the picture?

Ans 4: Sunrisers Hyderabad

Que 5: Which Mumbai Indians player recently got married to sports anchor Sanjana Ganesan?

Ans 5: Jaspreet Bumrah

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 8 April 2021

Que 1: Which sport is the setting of the Akshay Kumar film Gold?

Ans 1: Hockey

Que 2: What is the name of the autobiography of cricketer Chris Gayle?

Ans 2: Six Machine

Que 3: In which sport did an Indian won the first individual bronze medal in Olympics?

Ans 3: Wrestling

Que 4:  In which city is the headquarters of International Olympic Committee situated?

Ans 4: Lausanne

Que 5:  In which city did Karnam Malleswari win an Olympic bronze medal in weightlifting?

Ans 5: Sydney

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 7 April 2021

Que 1: Who among these has not won the TV show ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’?

Ans 1: Krishna Abhishek

Que 2: Christopher Reeve portrayed which superhero on the silver screen?

Ans 2: Superman

Que 3: Which of these is NOT a part of the Elements trilogy of films by Deepa Mehta?

Ans 3:  Ice

Que 4: Made in 1983, the first Sanskrit film in India depicts which philosopher?

Ans 4: Adi Shankara

Que 5: Which actress was born in pre-partition Punjab as Harkirtan Kaur?

Ans 5: Geeta Bali

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 6 April 2021

Que 1: Which small, light cakes are crunchy outside and soft inside?

Answer 1: Macroons

Que 2: With which company would one associate the tagline ‘The Selfie Expert’?

Answer 2: Oppo

Que 3: Which clothing item has been named after British general James Brudenell?

Answer 3: Cardigan

Que 4: A meal from which cuisine is supervised by a vaste and served on a traem?

Answer 4: Wazwan

Que 5; The World War I led to the invention of which of these?

Answer 5: Modern plastic surgery

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 5 April 2021

Que 1: For which domestic team do Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya play?

Answer 1: Baroda

Que 2: Beginning in 1949, with which sport is the Thomas Cup associated?

Answer 2: Badminton

Que 3: After which freedom fighter is Asia’s largest sports institute named?

Answer 3: Subhas Chandra Bose

Que 4: In 1924, in which country were the first-ever Winter Olympics held?

Answer 4: France

Que 5: Who is the first Indian bowler to take a five-wicket haul in all formats of cricket?

Answer 5: Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 4 April 2021

Que 1.  Which of these TV shows is based on the years before Batman’s arrival?

 Answer 1: Gotham

Que 2. Which movie was the official remake of the Hollywood movie ‘The Italian Job’?

Answer 2: Players

Que 3. Who among these had a cameo in the Aamir Khan film PK?

Answer 3: Ranbir Kapoor

Que 4. _ is the inspiration behind the character Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story series?

Answer 4: Edwin Aldrin

Que 5. Which of these South Indian actors has received a National Award for Best Actor?

Answer 5: Dhanush

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 3 April 2021

Que 1: How do we better know the annual event ‘Vallam Kali’?

Answer 1: Kerala Boat Race

Que 2: Alan Shepard was the first astronaut to play which sport on the moon?

Answer 2: Golf

Que 3: Which company was originally known as Research In Motion?

Answer 3: Blackberry

Que 4: The construction of Rome’s Colosseum began under the rule of which dynasty?

Answer 4:  Flavian-Dynasty

Que 5: Which is the last letter of the Greek Alphabet, developed around 1000 BCE?

Answer 5: Omega

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 2 April 2021

Que 1: Sports __ of India is the apex national sports body of India, established in 1984.

Answer 1: Authority

Que 2: With which of these sports is the Expedite System associated?

Answer 2: Table Tennis

Que 3: Which PBL team retained P. V. Sindhu for the maximum possible amount of Rs.77 lakh?

Answer 3: Hyderabad Hunters

Que 4: Which bowler was nicknamed ‘Whispering Death’ by umpire Dickie Bird for his silent run-up?

Answer 4: Michael Holding

Que 5: Who is the first Indian spinner to take five wicket hauls in all formats of cricket?

Answer 5: Kuldeep Yadav

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 1 April 2021

Que 1: Since its second season, which of these crime shows is hosted by Anup Soni?

Answer 1: Crime Patrol

Que 2: Who played the role of Ustad Jameel Khan in the Ranbir Kapoor film ‘Rockstar’?

Answer 2: Shammi Kapoor

Que 3: The song ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You’ was performed by which singer in 1984?

Answer 3: Stevie Wonder

Que 4:  Which singer won a Filmfare Award for the iconic title song of ‘Chaudhvin ka Chand’?

Answer 4: Mohammed Rafi

Que 5:  ‘Yellow’ and ‘Red’ are two characters in which popular TUBA Entertainment show?

Answer 5: Larva

Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 31 March 2021

Que 1:  Which Of These Has The Ability To Orient Itself As It Falls To Land On Its Feet?

Answer 1: Cat

Que 2: Ghar Ka Bhedi Lanka Dhaye’ Is An Idiom Referring To Which Ramayana Character?

Answer 2: Vibhishana

Que 3: Waymo Is A Self-Driving Car Company Owned By Which Technology Giant?

Answer 3: Alphabet

Que 4: What Station Code Is Used By The Railway Station With The Longest Name In India?

Answer 4: Mas

Que 5: Which Term Was Coined In 1959 By American Scientist Arthur Lee Samuel?

Answer 5: Machine Learning

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