Flipkart Daily Trivia Today Quiz Answer 3rd March

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Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 3 March 2021

Q1:  Which Of These Martial Art Forms Originated In Japan ?

Answer 1: Judo.

Q2: Who Is The Second Indian Batsman To Get His Test Double Century With A Six ?

Answer 2: Mayank Agarwal

Q3: To Which IPL Team Was Ajinkya Rahane Recently Traded By The Rajasthan Royals ?

Answer 3: Delhi Capitals 

Q4: What Is The Maximum Points That Can Be Scored With A Basket In Basketball ?

Answer 4: Three

Q5:  Which NBA Player Was Born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr ?

Answer 5: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 1st March 2021

Q1: On Which Country’s Flag Would You Find The Famous Angkor Wat Temple?

Answer 1: Cambodia

Q2:The Sister Of Which Actress Recently Wrote The Book I’ve Never Been (Un)Happier?

Answer 2: Alia Bhatt

Q3: 1 Astronomical Unit Roughly Corresponds To The Distance Between

Answer 3: Sun And Earth

Q4: On The Packaging Of What Product Would You See A Girl Named Tarangini Mitra?

Answer 4: Nirma

Q5: What Was The Reclamation Project Of The Islands Of Bombay Called?

Answer 5: Hornby Vellard

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Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 28 February 2021

Q1: Who Is The First Indian To Get To A Double Century In A Test With A Six?

Answer 1: Rohit Sharma

Q2: After Which Indian Prime Minister Is The Largest Indoor Sports Arena Of India Named?

Answer 2: Indira Gandhi 

Q3: After Which Princely State’s Ruler Is The Sawai Mansingh Stadium Named?

Answer 3: Jaipur

Q4: Who Owns The Land On Which The Iconic Kolkata Stadium Eden Gardens Stands?

Answer 4: Indian Army

Q5: Madhukar Is The Middle Name Of Which Indian Cricketer?

Answer 5: Ajinkya Rahane

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 27 February 2021

Q1:In Which Film Does Vicky Kaushal Play The Role Of Alia Bhatt’s Husband?

Answer 1: Raazi

Q2:The Sequel Of The Film Shubh Mangal Saavdhan Is Titled Shubh Mangal Saavdhan.

Answer 2: Zyada

Q3: Name The 1996 Film By Gulzar Based On The Punjab Insurgency Of 1980s.

Answer 3: Maachis

Q4: The Line ‘Fear Can Hold You Prisoner, Hope Can Set You Free’ Is From Which Film?

Answer 4:  Shawshank Redemption

Q5: Mann Ki Lagan’ From The Film Paap Was The Bollywood Debut Of Which Singer?

Answer 5: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 26 February 2021

Q1: Which Of These Popular Mobile Apps Is Not Owned By Google?

Answer 1:  Facebook

Q2:What Part Of The Plant Do We Eat When We Eat Carrots?

Answer 2: Root

Q3: Which Country Has Shifted Its Capital 7 Times With The Current One Since 1990?

Answer 3: Germany

Q4: Who Was The Foreign Minister In Mughal Emperor Akbar’s Court?

Answer 4: Birbal

Q5: What Google Developed AI Identifies “Potentially Unsafe” Restaurants?

Answer 5: Finder

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 25 February 2021

Q1:Which Of These Wrestlers Made Her MMA Debut At One Championship’s Age Of Dragons Event?

Answer 1: Ritu Phogat

Q2: After Whom Is The Lifetime Achievement Award Given By BCCI Named?

Answer 2: CK Nayudu

Q3:Where Did Afghanistan And India Play Their 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Match?

Answer 3: Dushanbe

Q4:Which Journalist Recently Resigned From His Post Of DDCA President?

Answer 4: Rajat Sharma

Q5: On Which IPL Team’s Logo Can You See The Letters ‘K. J. H. P. H.’?

Answer 5: Kings XI Punjab

Daam Shi Hai Today Quiz Answer 24 February 2021

Q1:Which Of These Is A Netflix Series Starring Mithila Palkar?

Answer 1: Little Things

Q2: How Is Robert Allen Zimmerman Better Known To Us From The World Of Music

Answer 2: Bob Dylan

Q3: In Bala, Yami Gautam Plays The Role Of A TikTok Star And Bhumi Pednekar Plays A

Answer 3: Lawyer

Q4: In The Film ‘War’ Hrithik Roshan Plays The Role Of __ Kabir Luthra.

Answer 4: Major

Q5: The Bollywood Debut Of Which Of These Film Personalities Was Directed By David Dhawan?

Answer 5: Tapsee Pannu

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 23 February 2021

Q1: In Which Language Did Tulsidas Write The Epic Poem Ramcharitmanas?

Answer 1: Sanskrit 

Q2: The Death Of The Last Exponent Ishwari Prasad In 1950 Led To The Decline Of

Answer 2: Company Painting

Q3: Which Town Was Created By Sir Frederick Lawley, A Fictional British Officer?

Answer 3: Malgudi

Q4: American Archaeologist Hiram Bingham Discovered Which Wonder Of The World?

Answer 4: Machu Picchu

Q5: Which Country Abolished Jus Soli, Or Birthright Citizenship, In December 2004?

Answer 5: India

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 22 February 2021

Q1: The IAAF Recently Officially Changed Its Name To What Among These?

Answer 1: World Athletics

Q2: In Which Country The Sport Of Sumo Wrestling Originate?

Answer 2: Japan

Q3: A Cricket Stadium In Which Of These Cities Is Named After A Former Indian Hockey Player?

Answer 3: Gwalior

Q4: Who Recently Set The Record For The Highest Score In T10 League History?

Answer 4: Chris Lynn

Q5: For Which Team Is Yuvraj Singh Playing In The 2019 T10 League?

Answer 5: Maratha Arabiar

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 21 February 2021

Q1: In this welcome series of films, If Anil Kapoor is Manju Bhai

Answer 1: Uday Bhai

Q2: In The 2009 Bollywood Film Aladin, Who Played The Role Of Genie?

Answer 2: Amitabh Bachchan

Q3: What Was Legendary Actor Sunil Dutt’s Profession Before Becoming An Actor?

Answer 3: Radio Jockey

Q4: Who was named World’s 1st Billionaire Rapper By Forbes Magazine In A Cover Story?

Answer 4: Jay-Z

Q5: In Which Of These Classic Bollywood Films The Villain Does Not Die?

Answer 5: Sholay

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