Beat The Genius quiz ans 24 November 2020 Flipkart

Flipkart Beat The Genius quiz ans 24th November 2020

Q1: On the occasion of which festival were people gathered in Jallianwala Bagh when British troops fired upon them?

Answer 1: Baisakhi

Q2: Which is the largest Union Territory in India by area?

Answer 2: Ladakh

Q3: Who is the only Indian to have scored a century in the US international cricket?

Answer 3: KL Rahul

Q4: Which organization was originally located in the Chamber of Princes in the Parliament before moving to its own premises in 1958?

Answer 4: Supreme Court

Q5: Neither Roses Nor Thorns is an autobiography of which Supreme Court Judge who was a Presidential candidate who lost to Giani Zail Singh?

Answer 5: HR Khanna

Flipkart Beat The Genius quiz ans 23rd November 2020

Question 1) Which was the first Indian movie to be nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film?

Answer: Mother India

Question 2) In which city is the headquarters of ISRO located?

Answer: Bengaluru

Question 3) Which is the only country where the Indian men’s cricket team has played in and never won a test series?

Answer: South Africa

Question 4) Where in India would you go to see the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park?

Answer: Andaman & Nicobar

Question 5) Which 2000-year old form of Sanskrit theatre is native to Kerala?

Answer: Koodiyattam

Flipkart Beat The Genius quiz ans 23rd November

Que1) Anustup and Gayathri are two of the seven horses drawing the chariot of which god in Hindu mythology?
Ans: Surya

Que2) In which city can you find the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple known for the treasures in its vaults?
Ans: Thiruvananthapuram

Que3) Which was the first Indian company to be listed on Nasdaq?
Ans: Infosys

Que4) As of 2019 who is the only player from the losing side to be man of the match in an IPL final?
Ans: Anil Kumble

Que5) Who is the only member of the Indian Air Force to win the Param Vir Chakra?
Ans: Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon

Flipkart Beat The Genius quiz ans 21st November 2020

1) Where is the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets located?
Answer: New Delhi
2) Who defeated emperor Humayun and took control of the Mughal empire?
Answer: Sher Shah Suri
3) In which city did Sachin Tendulkar hit the first double century in men’s ODI cricket?
Answer: Gwalior
4) In 1995, what historic first in India took place between Jyoti Basu and Union minister Sukh Ram?
Answer: First mobile phone call
5)  In the Mahabharata who was the only son of *Dhritarashtra to survive the Kurukshetra war?
Answer:  Yuyutsu

Flipkart Beat The Genius quiz ans 20 November 2020

Q1: Which Indian player defeated Nozomi Okuhara to become the world champion in her sport?

AnswerPV Sindhu

Q2: Which was the first state in India to report a case of Covid-19?


Q3: Who Did Pranab Mukherjee Defeat In The Election To Become President Of India?

Answer 3: PA Sangma

Q4: What Does The Word ‘Rafale’ Literally Mean In French?

Answer 4: Gust Of Wind

Q5: In The 1920s Who Became India’s First Female Advocate?

Answer 5: Cornelia Sorabji

How To Play Flipkart Beat The Genius Quiz 20th November

1.. Download Flipkart App From Google Play Store 

2. Open & Sign In To The Flipkart App.

3. Open Games Section In The App & Find Beat The Genius Contest

4. There Will Be A Total Of 5 Questions

5. Answer All Beat The Genius Quiz Questions Correctly To Enter The Lucky Draw.

Beat The Genius QUIZ 20th November 

  1. Quiz Prizes: Gems, Vouchers & Prizes
  2. Total Prizes: 1 Lakh + Prizes
  3. Available On: Flipkart Game
  4. Based On: General Knowledge
  5. Date & Time: 20th Nov, 12AM To 12PM
  6. Winner Announcement: Immediately

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