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Details Of Flipkart GK Badhega Prize Jeetega Quiz

  1. Name:- FYI For Your Information GK Badhega Prize Jeetega
  2. Episode No:-  4
  3. Quiz Type:- Video
  4. Prizes:- Win SuperCoins
  5. Question-Based On:- General Knowledge
  6. Conducted By:- Flipkart App
  7. Date & Timing:- Daily 12.00 Am To 11.59 Pm

Flipkart fyi answers 22 February 2021:

Coming Soon…

Flipkart fyi answers 31 January 2021:

Q1: Which Of The Following Actor Has Won The Most Number Of Filmfare Best Actor Award?

Answer 1: Shah Rukh Khan

Q2: Yeh Toh Bada Toing Hai Was Associated With Which Brand?

Answer 2: Amul Macho

Q3: On The Bank Of Which River Is The City Of Jammu Located?

Answer 3: Tawi

Flipkart fyi answers 30 January 2021:

Q1: Which Of These Is A Correct Representation Of The Zodiac Sign Cancer ?

Answer 1: Crab

Q2: Aditya Singh Sisodia Is The Real Name Of Which Of These Celebrities ?

Answer 2: Badshah

Q3: What Is The Maximum Gap Between Two Sessions Of The Parliament ?

Answer 3: 6 Months

Flipkart fyi answers 29 January 2021:

Q1: Which Of The Following Emoji Is Not An Akshay Kumar Movie?

Answer 1: Image 3

Q2: CarryMinati Is The Name Of Which YouTuber?

Answer 2: Ajey Nagar

Q3: How Many Countries Are Members Of The U.N.?

Answer 3: 193

Flipkart fyi answers 28 January 2021:

Q1: Which of the following actresses have not been a brand ambassador of Lux?

Answer 1: Anushka Sharma

Q2: How many runs has Sachin Tendulkar scored in his international career?

Answer 2: 34357

Q3: Which of these singers have not featured as a lead actor in an Indian film?

Answer 3: Armaan Malik

Flipkart fyi answers 27 January 2021:

Q1: Which Of The Following Board Games Doesn’t Have A Card Version?

Answer 1: Business 

Q2: Where Was The Finals Of 2011 Cricket World Cup Played?

Answer 2: Wankhede

Q3: How Many Chapters Are There In The Bhagavad Gita?

Answer 3: 18 Eighteen 

Flipkart fyi answers 26 January 2021:

Q1: Soundarya Sabun Is Associated With Which Popular Soap Brand?

Answer 1: Nirma 

Q2: With How Many Countries India Shares Its Land Border?

Answer 2: 7

Q3: Who Among The Following Is Not Salman Khan’s Sibling?

Answer 3: Seema Khan

Flipkart fyi answers 25 January 2021:

Q1: Which of the following is not an Indian brand?

Answer 1: Bata

Q2: Which of the following creatures hibernates the longest?

Answer 2: Bat

Q3: In which year did Ranveer Singh make his debut with ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’?

Answer 3: 2010

Flipkart fyi answers 24 January 2021:

Q1: Which Is The Odd One Out?

Answer 1: Saif- Soha

Q2: Which Popular Digital Sensation Recreated ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Tha’?

Answer 2: Yashraj M

Q3: How Many States Are There In India?

Answer 3: 28

Flipkart fyi answers 23 January 2021:

Q1: Where was French widely spoken in India ?

Answer 1: Puducherry

Q2: Which of the following creatures do not have external ears ?

Answer 2: Lizard

Q3: In which year did Virat Kohli make his ODI debut ?

Answer 3: 2008

Flipkart fyi answers 22 January 2021:

Q1: What Is The Maximum Duration Of An Instagram Reels?

Answer 1: 30  Seconds

Q2: In Which Of The Following Film Salman Khan’s Name Is Not Prem?

Answer 2: Bodyguard

Q3: Break Banta Hai – Is Associated With Which Popular Chocolate Bar?

Answer 3: Kitkat

Flipkart fyi answers 21 January 2021:

Q1: Which Of These Is Not A UNESCO World Heritage Site In India?

Answer 1: Mysore Palace

Q2: Which Of The Following Social Media Platform Doesn’t Use Hashtags?

Answer 2: Snapchat

Q3: Who Was The Winner Of Bigg Boss Season 13?

Answer 3: Sid Shukla

flipkart fyi answers 20 January 2021: Win Oppo Reno 5 Pro

Q1: 1. Which Of The Following Is Wrongly Matched?

Answer 1: Buland Darwaza

Q2: Which Of The Following Is The Odd One Out?

Answer 2: Bicycle

Q3: When Is Indian Army Day Celebrated?

Answer 3: 15 January

flipkart fyi answers 19 January 2021

Q1: Who Among The Following Did Not Star In The Title Track Of Om Shanti Om?

Answer 1: Anil Kapoor

Q2: Which Of The Following Sports Is Widely Played In Finland?

Answer 2: Wife Carrying

Q3: Which Was The First Serial Aired By Balaji Telefilms?

Answer 3: Mano Ya Na Mano

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