Pixel phones will get Android 11 update next week, special features of the Android 11 operating system

Android 11 Update to Reach Eligible Pixel Phones in India Next Week, Google Says

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The company says that this OS will be found in all pixels phones launched in Pixel 2 and later.

  • Google has released its latest operating system Android 11 a few days ago.
  • After the global launch of the OS, many users complained about not getting its update.

Google has confirmed that in the next month those Pixel smartphones will get an update of Android 11, which it supports. The company says that this OS will be found in the Pixel 2 and all the pixels phones coming after that. Let us know that the company has released its latest operating system Android 11 a few days ago.

On this, Google spokesperson said that we are working on making sure that the Android 11 update is compatible with the Indian ecosystem requirements and is expected to start next week. “Actually, after the global launch of Android 11, Many users had complained about not getting the update.

6 special features of the Android 11 operating system

  • 1) Notification History: With the help of this feature found in Android 11, users will be able to check the history of all notifications received in the last 24 hours. That is, you have missed any important notification in the last 24 hours, then you will be able to see it with the help of this feature. Many times we clear the notification without seeing it, due to which the necessary notifications are also lost.
  • 2) Native Smart Home Control: With the help of this feature, you will be able to control your smart home devices by connecting them to the phone. That is, changing the room AC temperature, turning on / off the lights, the work will be done from the phone itself. To view and manage a device connected to the phone, you need to press the power button to launch. You will also be able to access Google Pay in this way.
  • 3) Chat Bubbles: You must have seen the chat bubble of Facebook Messenger. You will now get this feature for all messaging apps. With its help, you will be able to reply without opening the messaging app. Also, you will be able to use other apps in the phone while chatting. This feature becomes quite useful while watching certain videos.
  • 4) Security Update: Google always works to make its operating system secure. In such a situation, the company added a new feature in Android 11, which can reach you from the Google Play Store to fix important security. That is, the user’s smartphone will be safer in the new OS.
  • 5) Screen Recorder: This is a feature that is needed on many occasions. In such a situation, Google has eliminated this problem in Android 11. The screen recorder feature will also be available in the new OS. This feature will be in the settings panel swiping the home screen down. That is, now the user will not need to install a separate screen recorder app on the phone.
  • 6) One time permission: Whenever we install a new app on the phone, it has to give some permission, which includes the location. In such a situation, there will now be one-time permission and auto-reset feature in Android 11. That is, the permission of the location given to the app will be auto-reset in the second time.

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