Paytm KYC that you need to be careful: There is new scam

Scammers have been using Paytm KYC as a means to dupe gullible users for quite some time. While Paytm is trying to educate users about its KYC process and the scams haven’t stopped. Now, a new type of KYC scam message is being sent to users. The message claims that your eKYC document has expired and the Paytm service will expire within 24 hours unless you call them back to reactivate it on the given phone number.
This message comes from random senders like BIKMRT or BRPAY from similarly named telemarketing domains. Earlier this year, a woman lost Rs 1.40 lakh from her bank account after she fell for a similar scam message.

So, what is this scam about?
After seeing this message, if you happen to dial the given number to verify your KYC status then the chances of you getting scammed increase. Someone perceived to be a customer service officer or Paytm KYC executive will receive your call. The caller will then try to scare you by saying that your bank, card, or Paytm account will be blocked if you don’t download remote access apps like AnyDesk or TeamViewer to verify your KYC status. Sometimes, the caller may even threaten you to download the app.
After downloading any of the remote desktop apps, the fraud caller simply needs the remote access desk code and so will ask for it. Once you give the 9-digit or 10-digit code to the fraud customer care executive, the fraud caller will get to see your mobile screen on his PC and he can even record it. Through these apps, whatever you do your mobile screen automatically gets recorded on the PC of the fraud caller.
The moment you do any online transaction from UPI, Paytm, mobile banking, the credentials get stolen. As the fraudster can see whatever you are doing on the mobile, the moment you type the ID/password of the banking or UPI app, the fraudster simply notes it down.
It is highly advisable not to download any remote desktop apps without understanding how they work. Also, never download additional apps that any customer care/support executive may ask you to do so as authentic customer care officers will never ask anyone to download apps or send codes, passwords, or any other information.
What you must know about the KYC process of Paytm
Paytm KYC can only be completed only at authorized KYC points or by a Paytm representative at your doorstep. Any SMS sent by Paytm regarding KYC will only have a link to fix appointments with our KYC agents or find the nearby KYC points. Paytm Full KYC can only be completed by having a face to face meeting with our agent at an authorized KYC point. Paytm will never call you and ask you to install any app.

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