Oppo launches ColorOS 11: Based on Android 11, Check features and release date

Oppo announced the launch of its all-new ColorOS 11 based on the Android 11 operating system globally. This is among the first Android 11 based custom skins to rollout for smartphones. ColorOS 11 brings several new changes to the user interface and according to the company, it follows the Make Life Flow concept by joining the stock Android 11 features while also providing the rich UI customization to its users.
The ColorOS 11 includes all the Android 11 features such as conversation, bubble notifications, screen recorder, improved 5G support, and more. In addition to this, Oppo has also worked on several other aspects of the UI such as privacy and security, efficiency, overall smoothness, and more. Here’s the complete changelog of ColorOS 11.
UI customizations
ColorOS 11 offers even better customization options than before. Users can now create their own custom Always-on display, theme, wallpaper, fonts, icons, and ringtones. There’s a new Dark Mode as well with three color schemes and contrast levels to choose from.
ColorOS 11 also improves upon battery efficiency with a new Super Power Saving Mode that allows users to choose six apps to run in low-battery situations. The new Battery Guard prevents the smartphone’s battery from getting overcharged. It intelligently
pauses charging once it reaches 80% at night, before resuming to achieve a full charge
by the time users wake up.
Security and privacy improvements
ColorOS 11 incorporates all the new Android 11 security features and privacy options and builds upon it to further enhance it. Private System creates a separate system where the second version of apps and data runs independent of the original and is accessible only via a separate fingerprint scan or password.
The UI also brings a better permission management system now. The new temporary permission feature automatically reset the camera, microphone, and location permissions when the app is closed.
Low Battery Message, an India specific feature
ColorOS 11 also includes a new low battery message feature that provides options to send messages when phone battery drops to 15% with their current location to selected contacts.
ColorOS 11 rollout


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