How to save battery life | how to save internet data, Just 3 Setting

How to save Data and Battery in Smartphone

Step 1:

How to save data from play store

save data and battery life

If your phone’s internet data expires fast and you are not aware of this, then for this you will have to make some changes in the settings of the Play Store. For this, go to the Play Store settings and go to ‘Auto-update apps’. Select ‘Don’t auto-update apps’ here. If you have selected over any network then as soon as the update of the app comes, it will start to auto-update. This eliminates data and battery.

Step 2:
How to save phone battery

If you use Play Store more and it drains the phone’s battery faster, then you will have to change a setting here too. For this, go to Settings and tab on ‘Theme’, then select ‘Set by Battery Saver’. This setting will cause the battery to discharge less when using the Play Store.

How to protect play store

If you are afraid that someone may install an app secretly while using your phone. Or your children can install an app in it, then the play store can be locked. For this, you have to go to Settings and go to ‘Parental Control’. Here, as soon as you turn on the control, you will have to enter a 4 digit password. As soon as the password is set, the Play Store will ask for the password when it is opened.

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