Google shares interesting tidbit, 22nd birthday

Search engine giant Google has come a long way since its inception in 1998 by Sergrey Brin and Larry Page. The tech giant turned 22 on September 27. To commemorate its 22nd birthday, Google displayed a special doodle on its search homepage. The special birthday doodle shows a video call in progress between the letter G and the rest of the letters in the name of the company. The two O’s look like a set of fraternal twins, of which one is bespectacled. A slice of cake and some presents are also included, a clear indication of how people are celebrating birthdays in COVID times. Since they can’t meet, they can send over gifts and get together over a video call.

Google also shared an interesting story about its name on the occasion.

Here’s how it goes: “The partnership between Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin traces its roots to the sunny campus of Stanford University. As graduate students, the pair set out to improve the way people interacted with the wealth of information on the World Wide Web. In 1998, Google was born, and the rest is history.
The now world-famous moniker is a play on a mathematical term that arose out of an unassuming stroll around the year 1920. While walking in the woods of New Jersey, American mathematician Edward Kasner asked his young nephew Milton Sirotta to help him choose a name for a mind-boggling number: a 1 followed by 100 zeros. Milton’s reply? A googol! The term gained widespread visibility twenty years later with its inclusion in a 1940 book Kasner co-authored called “Mathematics and the Imagination.”

In 2006, the word “Google” was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary as a verb, so if you’d like to learn more about how big a googol really is, just Google it! ‘

Coming back to the doodle, there are high chances that the year 2020 would go down in the pages of history for being the year of video calls too, apart from the tough and challenging times coronavirus has brought upon the world. Video calls have never been as popular (or as much needed) as they have happened to be this year owing to the lockdown.

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