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Details Of Flipkart GK Badhega Prize Jeetega Quiz

  1. Name:- FYI For Your Information GK Badhega Prize Jeetega
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  5. Question-Based On:- General Knowledge
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Flipkart fyi answers 31 March 2021:

Ans 1: Fish Ans 2: Pratiksha Ans 3: Tata

Flipkart fyi answers 30 March 2021:

Ans 1: Harshvardhan Nawathe Ans 2: The Great Pyramid of Giza Ans 3: Swami Vivekananda

Flipkart fyi answers 29 March 2021:

Ans 1: Yahama Ans 2: Manipur Ans 3: Amitabh Bacchan

Flipkart fyi answers 28 March 2021:

Ans 1: PV Sindhu Ans 2: Chinkara Ans 3: Platinum Jubilee

Flipkart fyi answers 27 March 2021:

Ans 1: Virat Kohli Ans2: Jallianwala Bagh massacre Ans 3: 10000

Flipkart fyi answers 26 March 2021:

Ans 1: Dangal Ans 2: 6 Ans 3: Tokyo

Flipkart fyi answers 25 March 2021:

Answer 1: Devika Rani Answer 2: Modi Telstra Answer 3: Kerela

Flipkart fyi answers 24 March 2021:

Que 1: In which State would you find the monument that is shown on the new Rs. 50 note?

Answer 1: Karnataka

Que 2: Which team is the current Champions of Indian Pro Kabaddi league?

Answer 2: Bengal Warriors

Que 3: Which of these organizations claims that it is “Zindagi ke Saath Bhi – Jindagi Ke Baad Bhi”?

Answer 3: LIC

Flipkart fyi answers 23 March 2021:

Que 1: Which sportsperson was known as the Flying Sikh?

Answer 1: Milkha Singh

Que 2: Which of these is the main ingredient in the Japanese dish Sushi?

Answer 2: Rice

Que 3: Who was the first film personality to be honoured with the Bharat Ratna?

Answer 3: MG Ramachandran

Flipkart fyi answers 22 March 2021:

Que 1: Which of these products was the earliest to be launched by Apple ?

Answer 1: iMAC

Que 2: Who was the first woman to be awarded the Bharat Ratna – India’s highest civilian award?

Answer 2: Indira Gandhi

Que 3: Which of these metals is liquid at room temperature ?

Answer 3: Mercury

Flipkart fyi answers 21 March 2021:

Que 1: Which brand of car did Shahrukh Khan promote as the sunshine car in the advertisement?

Answer 1: Hyundai

Que 2:  For which film sis Amitabh Bacchan won his first Film fare award for best actor?

Answer 2: Amar Akbar Anthony

QUe 3: Which Indian pioneer was responsible for the landmark Hotmail service?

Answer 3: Sabeer Bhatia

Flipkart fyi answers 20 March 2021:

Que 1: Which actor played the role of Major Kuldeep Singh Chandpur in the film border?

Answer 1: Sunny Deol

Que 2: Which team played against India in the first day night test match played in india?

Answer 2: Bangladesh

Que 3: Which company was originally named Cadabra

Answer 3: Amazon

Flipkart fyi answers 19 March 2021:

Que 1: Which multinational food giant gives us Maggi noodles?

Answer 1: Nestle

Que 2: Who is the richest man in the World?

Answer 2: Jeff Bezos

Que 3: In which city is the world largest cricket stadium?

Answer 3: Ahmedabad

Flipkart fyi answers 18 March 2021:

Que 1: Which of these is the state bird of Delhi?

Answer 1: House Sparrow

Que 2: What is the playing time of the full version of Indian National Anthem?

Answer 2: 52 Second

Que 3: Bhanu Athaiya was the first Indian to receive an Oscar award. For which film did she win it?

Answer 3: Gandhi

Flipkart fyi answers 17 March 2021:

Que 1: What is the meaning of letter C in CNG?

Answer 1: Compressed

Que 2: Which air line uses UK in their flight code?

Answer 2: Vistara

Que 3: Which ancient king is named in Indian Navy Aircraft?

Answer 3: Vikramaditya

Flipkart fyi answers 16 March 2021:

Que 1: In which State would you find the tallest man made structure in India

Answer 1: Tamil Nadu

Que 2: If Jerry the mouse is normally shown as brown what color is of Tom the Cat

Answer 2: Gray

Que 3: In the Ramayana which of these birds told Rama about the kidnapping of Sita by Ravana

Answer 3: Vulture

Flipkart fyi answers 15 March 2021:

Que 1: Which of these did Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar say the secret of their energy in the ad?

Answer 1: Boost

Que 2: Which of these actress is youngest?

Answer 2:  Anushka Sharma

Que 3: Which of these flowers did Jawaharlal Nehru use on his achkan?

Answer 3: Rose

Flipkart fyi answers 14 March 2021:

Que 1: Which of these is the shape of the medal awarded for the Bharat Ratna

Answer 1: Image 1

Que 2: In which of the following movies shahrukh khan does not die

Answer 2: Veer Zara

Que 3: For which of these animals was a wildlife sanctuary established in 1972 in the little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat

Answer 3: Indian Wild Ass

Flipkart fyi answers 12 March 2021:

Que 1: What did the designer D Udaya Kumar create in 2010?

Answer 1: Rupee Symbol

Que 2: Which of these products is closely linked with a popular Indian quiz show for school students?

Answer 2: Bourn Vita

Que 3: On which character from the Mahabharata is the domestically-built main battle tank of the Indian Army named?

Answer 3: Arjuna

Flipkart fyi answers 11 March 2021:

Que 1: Which Of These People Was The First Indian To Go Into Space ?

Answer 1: Rakesh Sharma

Que 2: How Many Floors Are There In The Burj Khalifa ?

Answer 2: 163

Que 3: Which Of These Celebrities Is The Son Of The Famous Film Comedian Mehmood ?

Answer 3: Lucky Ali

Flipkart fyi answers 10 March 2021:

Q1: Which Inventor Was Featured In The First Logo Of Apple Computer ?

Answer 1: NEWTON

Q2: Nokia Js A Brand From Which Country ?

Answer 2: FINLAND

Q3: How Long Is The Atal Tunnel ?

Answer 3: 9.02 KM

Flipkart fyi answers 9 March 2021:

  1. Mango

2. Clear

3. Akshay Kumar

Q1: Which Of These Fruits Will Not Float When Placed In A Tub Of Water ?

Answer 1: MANGO

Q2:What Is The Full Form Of The ‘ C ‘ Button On A Normal Calculator ?

Answer 2: CLEAR

Q3: Who Was The First Host Of The TV Show Khatron Ke Khiladi ?


Flipkart fyi answers 8 March 2021:

  1. Marut
  2. Chris Gayle
  3. Mysore Point

Q1: What Was The Name Of The First Indian Designed And Made Fighter Jet Aircraft Of The Indian Air Force ?

Answer 1: MARUT

Q2: Which Player Has Scored The Most Centuries In The IPL Across All Seasons ?


Q3: Who Makes The Indelible Ink That Is Used To Mark A Voter’s Finger During Elections In India ?


Flipkart fyi answers 7 March 2021:

  1. Amla
  2. Nitrogen
  3. Motorola

Q1: Which Of These Fruits Is Normally Used To Make Chyavanprash ?

Answer 1: Amla

Q2: Which Is The Most Common Gas In The Earthy’s Atmosphere ?

Answer 2: Nitrogen

Q3: Which Company Made The First Ever Mobile Phone ?

Answer 3: Motorola

Flipkart fyi answers 6 March 2021:

Q1  Which Of These Letters Is Found Between The Letters ‘ U ‘ And ‘ O ‘ On A QWERTY Keyboard ?

Answer 1: I

Q2: 2. Which Of These Is Found In The Full Form Of The USB Used In Computers

Answer 2: Bus

Q3: Which Of These Animals Represents The Bahujan Samaj Party In India ?

Answer 3: Elephant

Flipkart fyi answers 5 March 2021:

Q1: Which Of These Countries Does Not Have A Land Border With India ?

Answer 1: Maldives

Q2: Which Of These Structures Is Not Found In Delhi ?

Answer 2: Akbar’s Tomb

Q3: Who Was The First Indian Player To Score A Century In The IPL ?

Answer 3: Manish Pandey

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