Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 6 March

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Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 6 March 2021

Q1: Which Of These Countries Is Not A Part Of The West Indies Cricket Team?

Answer 1: Ghana

Q2: – From 1930 To 1970, Which World Cup’s Winners Were Given The Jules Rimet Trophy ?

Answer 2: Football

Q3: – Who Recently Became The Fastest Indian Bowler To Take 250 Wickets At Home In Test Cricket ?

Answer 3: R. Ashwin

Q4:- After Which NBA Player Is The Bird In The Logo Of Twitter Named ?

Answer 4: Larry Bird

Q5:- For Which Popular NBA Player Was The Nickname “His Airness” Used?

Answer 5: Michael Jordan

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 5 March 2021

Q1: Which Of The Following Term Refers To The Skilled Singers Of Indian Classical Music ?

Answer 1: Gandharv

Q2:Who Was The Subject Of A Ketan Mehta Biopic Starring Aamir Khan?

Answer 2: Mangal Pandey

Q3: Which Singer Started With The Group ‘The Wailers’ And Is Now A Global Icon?

Answer 3: Bob Marley

Q4: Javed Jaffrey Is The Son Of Which Legendary Comedian?

Answer 4: JagdeepHrithik Roshan

Q5: J. Om Prakash, An Eminent Producer And Director Is The Maternal Grandfather Of

Answer 5: Hrithik Roshan

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 4 March 2021

Q1:The Vice President Of India Is Also The Chairperson Of What ?

Answer 1: Rajya Sabha

Q2: If You Are Standing Facing The Rising Sun , What Is The Direction To Your Left ?

Answer 2: North

Q3:  Which Sultan Of Delhi Was Bom As Fakhr Malik Jauna Khan ?

Answer 3: Muhammad Bin Tughluq

Q4: In 2018 , Which Country Created A Blue Bond To Raise Money For Maritime Protection ?

Answer 4: Seychelles

Q5: The Emblem Of Which State Has A Mithun Bison And The Word ‘ Unity ‘ Inscribed ?

Answer 5:  Nagaland

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 3 March 2021

Q1:  Which Of These Martial Art Forms Originated In Japan ?

Answer 1: Judo.

Q2: Who Is The Second Indian Batsman To Get His Test Double Century With A Six ?

Answer 2: Mayank Agarwal

Q3: To Which IPL Team Was Ajinkya Rahane Recently Traded By The Rajasthan Royals ?

Answer 3: Delhi Capitals 

Q4: What Is The Maximum Points That Can Be Scored With A Basket In Basketball ?

Answer 4: Three

Q5:  Which NBA Player Was Born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr ?

Answer 5: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 2 March 2021

Q1: Who Played The Role Of Ali Fazal’s Father In The Film Prassthanam?

Answer 1: Sanjay Dutt 

Q2: Which Actor Hails From Gopalganj And Went To NSD Before Being Cast In The Film Run?

Answer 2: Pankaj Tripathi

Q3: Musician Duo Hariharan And Lesle Lewis Are Collectively Known As

Answer 3:  Colonial Cousins

Q4: Pirates Of Silicon Valley Is A 1999 Film Based On The Rivalry Between

Answer 4: B Gates And S Jobs

Q5: Which Iconic Bollywood Film Has Been Remade In Hollywood As ‘Broken Horses’?

Answer 5: Parinda

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answer Today 1st March 2021

Q1: On Which Country’s Flag Would You Find The Famous Angkor Wat Temple?

Answer 1: Cambodia

Q2:The Sister Of Which Actress Recently Wrote The Book I’ve Never Been (Un)Happier?

Answer 2: Alia Bhatt

Q3: 1 Astronomical Unit Roughly Corresponds To The Distance Between

Answer 3: Sun And Earth

Q4: On The Packaging Of What Product Would You See A Girl Named Tarangini Mitra?

Answer 4: Nirma

Q5: What Was The Reclamation Project Of The Islands Of Bombay Called?

Answer 5: Hornby Vellard

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