Detail about green and orange dot in your iPhone what’s matter

Apple has introduced new privacy features in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. One of the important features that Apple has introduced is that now your iphone will instantly tell you the moment an app uses either the front camera or back camera and the microphone of the device. This feature has been introduced to alert iPhone users about apps that may secretly access the camera or microphone.

After installing iOS 14, the moment you turn on the camera app, you will see a green dot on the notification on the top right corner of the screen. Also, if you use a voice recording app, a yellow dot will get activated.

The green dot indicates that an app is actively accessing your camera to either click photos or record videos while the yellow dot indicates that a particular app is accessing your mic to record audio.
So, if you use any app that accesses the mic or camera, you will get to know immediately.

What’s important is that if you suddenly see a green dot or yellow dot appear on your iPhone display without any particular reason then you will get to know the particular app which is accessing the camera or mic. If you find that particular app to be suspicious then you can always uninstall it. Note that as iOS 14 is a new update and app developers are still working on fixing bugs there could be a chance that the notification dot got turned on due to a mistake.

There’s another feature in iOS 14 that showcases which app copied text from clipboard. The moment you copy a text, link or any other content on your iPhone and if an app accesses it you will get notified.
With iOS14, iPhone users get an all-new Home Screen. Apple is revamping the home screen with iOS 14. iPhone users will be able to move apps around as well as group them in new ways thanks to the App Library. Apps can also be automatically grouped as per categories.

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