Apple launches new service for fitness lovers, 3 months free after purchasing new Apple watch: Check more

Apple Fitness + | Apple Launches New Service For Fitness Lovers, Will Be Able To Use It For 3 Months Free After Purchasing New Apple Watch; Know What Is The Whole Deal California16 minutes ago.

  • Fitness + service will cost $ 9.99 monthly (about Rs 735) or $ 79.99 annually (ie Rs 5,887).
  • It will get new videos every week, during the workout the user can choose his favorite music

In the virtual event, Apple introduced two new watch, as well as fitness plus service for Apple Watch users. This service allows the user to select workouts from a list of videos that can be played on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. The special thing is that during the workout, the user will be able to see his fitness data on the screen of the iPhone / iPad. You will be able to see its activity ring on the screen as well. This is a great example of tight integration between the watch and the screen. There are different types of workouts set on the service, which does not depend on too much equipment. The company says that the user will get new workout videos every week and the user will be able to choose their favorite music while exercising. Fitness Plus Service is also associated with Apple Music.

Facility will be provided by the end of the year
Apple Fitness Plus service in the US will cost $ 9.99 every month (about Rs 735) or $ 79.99 annually (ie Rs 5,887). The company says that this service will start getting by the end of this year. If you are in the area where this service is supported, then it can be used for three months free on the purchase of new Apple Watch. At present, this facility will not be available in India.


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