7 ways to free your memory Boost Phone Perpormance

Your Phone Is Hanging Too! So Follow These 7 Work Tips, Memory Will Also Be Free And The Phone Will Run Faster Than Before.

If the apps are not working, remove the apps from the phone, by doing this the storage of the phone will be free.

Periodically delete cash files, cents photo-videos of WhatsApp.

Many users are upset due to smartphone hangs. So many will often get complaining that the apps in their phones open late, so many times it will also be heard that videos in the phone play intermittently. At this time many people are working from home, in such a situation it is very important to have a smooth running of the phone with a computer. Phone hangs many times while playing games or watching movies on the phone in free time. If you are also troubled by the problem of phone hangings, then follow these simple tips mentioned by us … Am

1. First go to the phone’s settings and go to Software Update. Turn off Auto Download Over Wi-Fi or any type of auto download on it.

2. After this, go to the accounts and backup settings, at the bottom you will get the option of Auto sync data. This will benefit from that the apps in the phone will not use the Internet to sync. Apart from this, the phone’s storage will not be filled with surplus data.

3. Now go to the Play Store settings and turn off auto-update apps, that is, do not click on auto-update apps.

4. Click on the resent button in the navigation bar of the phone, and close all the apps running in the background. Despite this not working, the phone’s RAM keeps on using.

5. Apart from this, go to the main apps section of the phone and remove those apps which you use very rarely. This will also free up your phone’s memory to a great extent. Long press on the app to remove it and click Un-install.

6. Go to the settings of the phone and click on the option of about the bottom phone. After that click on Software Information and then tap on the build number at least 7 to 8 times. By doing this, the developers options of the phone are opened. You can see it below the About phone. Open the developers option and search for the background process limit and click. This means that you want to decide the limit of the process going on in the background. After opening it, click on No backgroung process. The advantage will be that no process will be able to run behind the phone.

7. Find the transition animation scale and window animation scale option in the developers option and turn them off. After completing all these processes, your phone will perform fast.

note- Keep at least an icon on the home screen, also keep the cache memory empty from time to time and delete the unnecessary files. Also, your phone will perform fast.

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