Ladies vs Gentlemen Quiz Answers Today 11 Dec

FYI quiz ans is India’s leading e-commerce marketplace with over 30 million products across multiple categories. Started by a team of 2, Flipkart today employs 30,000 people with 46 million registered users. With technology that enables 8 million shipments every month, 10 million daily page visits and 14 state of the art warehouses, they are ranked amongst … Read more

Flipkart Ladies Vs Gentlemen Quiz Answers 20th November

FYI quiz ans

Flipkart Ladies Vs Gentlemen Answers Today 20 Nov 2020 Q1: What Percentage Of People Feel That Men Gossip More Than Women Answer 1: 30% Q2: What Percentage Of People Believe That There Has Been An Improvement In Men After The #Metoo Movement Answer 2: 60% Q3: What Percentage Of People Have Lied To Their Friends About Losing … Read more

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