Chemical Reactions and Equations | Class 10 Chemistry Revision Notes

Chemical Reactions and Equations:- In our daily life, we can observe 2 types of changes: Physical change which can be reversed. Example: melting of wax , evaporation etc. Chemical change which cannot be reversed. Example: rusting of iron, burning of coal etc. Chemical Reactions:- A reaction in which two or more substances react together to … Read more

Chemistry 1st and 2nd sem important question with answer aktu

Que1:- Explain why p-nitrophenol is more soluble than o-nitro phenol in water. Ans:- In p- nitrophenol intermolecular hydrogen bond forms with a water molecule and in o-nitrophenol there is no possible intersection of hydrogen bond formation with water molecule hence p-nitrophenol is more soluble than o-nitrophenol.   Que:-2 Explain acetone is more volatile than alcohol. … Read more

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