Chemistry 1st and 2nd sem important question with answer aktu

Que1:- Explain why p-nitro phenol is more soluble than o-nitro  phenol in water. Ans:- In p- nitro phenol intermolecular hydrogen bond form with water molecule and in o-nitrophenol there is no possible intersection of hydrogen bond formation with water molecule hence p-nitrophenol is more soluble than o-nitrophenol. Que:-2 Explain acetone is more volatile than alcohol. … Read more (2nd Sem. Chemistry) Important que. 1st chapter

2nd Sem. Chemistry Important Questions with Ans. Que:- What is hydrogen bonding? Ans Hydrogen Bonding: Attractive force between hydrogen atom of one molecule with strongly electronegative atom of other molecule. ● Electronegative atom posses lone pair of electrons such as, nitrogen , fluorine ,and oxygen.● Hydrogen atom interacts with strongly electronegative atom has partial positive charge … Read more

Module-2 . Arithmetic expression & Conditional Branching —- Syllabus

ARITHMETIC EXPRESSION AND PRECEDENCE: Operators and expression using numeric and relational operators,Mixed Operands , type conversion , logical operators , bit operations , assignment operator , operator precedence and associativity. CONDITIONAL BRANCHING: Applying if and switch statements , nesting if and else use of break and default and switch THANK YOU Thanks to all of … Read more

Syllabus for Module-1 Introduction to programming

Programming for problem solving Module Introduction to programming Introduction to components of a computer system Memory , processor , I/O Devices , storage , operating system , Concept of assembler , interpreter , loader and linker Idea of Algorithm: Representation of Algorithm , Flowchart , Pseudo code with examples, From Algorithms to programs , source … Read more