Major changes in engineering courses -VTU announces

Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)
The university announced that 10 BE courses which are not on demand are equivalent to their peer courses which are on a huge demand . For example, the university announced that BE in industrial production and engineering, automobile engineering and tool engineering are equivalent to BE in mechanical engineering.
Like, BE in transportation engineering, construction technology and management and environmental engineering are equivalent to BE in civil engineering. “It is a big move which is expected to help a lot of students,” explained authorities from the university.According to University Vice Chancellor Karisiddappa if any past graduates facing any issues due to the course name, they can approach the university seeking equivalent certificate.

According to the sources, the proposal in this regard is old. “There were complaints that a few graduates were not able to climb the corporate ladder in the mid career level due to the course name. For the last three years there was a proposal in this regard,” explained an officer from the Technical Education department.

“Many courses have the same syllabus and teaching methodology even though the course names were different. Now these courses are announced as equivalent,” said Karisiddappa.

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