Atomic and Molecular Structure Chemistry 1st important question

Atomic and Molecular Structure Chemistry 1st important question

Que.1- Graphite is a good conductor of electricity. Why?

Ans. It is a very good conductor of electricity due to π-electron clouds on both sides of planes of carbon atoms.

Que.2- Write any two applications of nanotechnology.

Ans. i. In automobiles

ii. In space of defense

iii. In the medical field iv. In textile

Que.3- What is metallic luster?

Ans. Metals have well defined layered structure. when light strikes on the metal surface, the electron between the layers gets excited and when they come back to their original state, the light gets emitted in the form of luster.

Que.4-What is a Forbidden band?

Ans. The energy gap between the valence band and conduction band is called the Forbidden Energy gap or the Forbidden Band.

Que.5-What is the Valence band?

Ans. The band formed by a  series of energy levels containing the valence electrons is called the valence band.

Que.6-What are the types of liquid crystals?

Ans. i. Smectic liquid crystal

ii. Nematic liquid crystal

iii. Chiral nematic 

Que.7:-What is a defect?

Ans. Any departure from the complete order of arrangement of atoms in a crystal is known as defect or imperfection.

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