Chemistry 1st and 2nd Semester Syllabus Aktu cse

Chemistry 1st and 2nd Semester Syllabus Aktu

Chapter-1  Atomic and Molecular Structure

Molecular orbital‟s of diatomic molecules. Band theory of solids. Liquid crystal and its applications. Point defects in solids. Structure and applications of Graphite and Fullerenes. Concepts of Nanomaterials and its application. 

Chapter-2 Spectroscopic techniques and Applications:

 Elementary idea and simple applications of Rotational, Vibrational, Ultraviolet& Visible and Raman spectroscopy. 

Chapter-3  Electrochemistry 

Nernst Equation and application, relation of EMF with thermodynamic functions (∆H, ∆F and ∆ S). Lead storage battery. Corrosion; causes, effects and its prevention. Phase Rule and its application to water system. 

Chapter-4 Water Analysis;

 Hardness of water, Techniques for water softening (Lime-soda, Zeolite, Ion exchange resin and Reverse osmosis method). Fuels: classification of fuels, Analysis of coal, Determination of calorific value (Bomb calorimeterand Dulong‟smethos). 

Chapter-5  Polymer; 

Basic concepts of polymer-Blend and composites, Conducting and biodegradable polymers. Preparation and application of some industrially important polymers (Buna-S, Buna-N, Neoprene, Nylon-6, nylon-6,6 and Terylene). General methods of synthesis of organometallic compounds (Grignard reagent) and their applications. 

Course Outcomes: 

1. Use of different analytical instruments. 
2. Measure molecular/system properties such as surface tension, viscosity, conductance of solution, chloride and iron content in water. 
3. Measure hardness of water.
4. Estimate the rate constant of reaction. 

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