Operating System Important Question with Answer

 Operating System Top 10 Question with Answer Interviewer can ask (Randomly) Que. What is deadlock? Discuss the necessary condition for deadlock. Ans. Deadlock is a situation where a set of processes are blocked because each process is holding a resources acquired by some other process. The necessary condition for deadlock are as follows: Mutual Exclusion: … Read more

Define Fragmentation, variable partitioning, Compaction in os

Define Fragmentation: If a whole partition is currently not being used, then it is called an external fragmentation. And if a partition is being used by a process requiring some memory smaller than the partition size, then it is called an internal fragmentation. Variable Partitioning: With fixed partitions we have to deal with the problem of … Read more

CPU Scheduling Operating System OS notes

CPU SCHEDULING Process Concept Process:  A process is an executing program,including the current values of program counter, register, and variables. Difference Between a Process and Program The program is a group of instruction whereas  The process is the activity. Process can be described: I/O Bound Process: Spends more time doing I/O then computation. CPU Bound … Read more

Define Multiprogramming, Multitasking, Multiprocessing in os

Operating System Properties Batch processing Multitasking Multiprogramming Interactivity Real Time System Distributed Environment Spooling Define Batch Processing Batch processing is a technique in which an operating system collects the program and data together in a batch before processing start.An operating system does the following activities related to batch processing: The OS defines a job which … Read more