Dstl notes Trees, Graph and combinatorics in Discrete mathematics Aktu notes

Trees Graphs and Combinatorics Syllabus (Topic cover in this section): TREES: Definitions,  Binary tree, Binary tree traversal, Binary search tree,   GRAPHS: Definitions and terminology, Representation of graphs, Multigraph, Bipartite Graphs, Planar graphs, Isomorphism and Homomorphisms of the graph, Euler and Hamiltonian paths, Graph Coloring, Recurrence Relation & Generating Function: Recursive definition of function, Recursive … Read more

Propositional logic and Predicate logic dstl notes

Propositional logic and Predicate logic Proposition :- Proposition is a statement which is either true or false but not both. Compound Proposition :- A compound proposition is formed by composition of two or more propositions called components or Sub-propositions. Conjuction:- If p and q are two propositions Then conjuction of p and q is a … Read more