Carbon And Its Compounds | CBSE Class 10th Chemistry Notes

Carbon and its Compounds Carbon dioxide is present in the atmosphere(0.03%) and in the form of minerals(0.02%). Almost all organisms are carbon-based. Read Also: Click on the given links Acids Bases And Salts  Chemical Reactions and Equations Covalent bonding in Carbon Compounds. Electronic configuration of carbon (atomic no. 6) is  K  L                                                                                              2  4 … Read more

Acids Bases And Salts | Class 10th CBSE Chemistry Revision Notes

Acids, Bases, And Salts:- All the chemical compounds can be classified on the basis of their chemical properties as acids bases and salts. Check Revision Notes: Chemical Reactions and Equations Acids Acids are those chemical substances that have a sour taste and change blue litmus paper red. It also have a corrosive nature. Some common … Read more

Chemical Reactions and Equations | Class 10 Chemistry Revision Notes

Chemical Reactions and Equations:- In our daily life, we can observe 2 types of changes: Physical change which can be reversed. Example: melting of wax , evaporation etc. Chemical change which cannot be reversed. Example: rusting of iron, burning of coal etc. Chemical Reactions:- A reaction in which two or more substances react together to … Read more

Atomic and Molecular Structure Chemistry 1st important question

Atomic and Molecular Structure Chemistry 1st important question Que.1- Graphite is a good conductor of electricity. Why? Ans. It is a very good conductor of electricity due to π-electron clouds on both sides of planes of carbon atoms. Que.2- Write any two applications of nanotechnology. Ans. i. In automobiles ii. In space of defense iii. … Read more

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