Data Compression Multiple Choice Based Questions With Answer

Data Compression Multiple Choice Based Questions: Set-1 Check Also: Data Compression Practice Set-1: Click Here Data Compression Practice Set-2: Click Here Data Compression Practice Set-3: Click Here Data compression means to the file size. Increase Decrease Can’t say None of the above Data compression and encryption both work on binary False True What is compression? To … Read more

Metals and Non-Metals | Chemistry Revision Notes

Metals and Non-Metals: At present, there are about 118 elements known on this earth. On the basis of their properties, elements can be classified as metals and non-metals. Also, there are some elements that have both the property of metals and non-metals. Such elements are called metalloids. Read Also: Carbon And Its Compounds  Acid Bases … Read more

Carbon And Its Compounds | CBSE Class 10th Chemistry Notes

Carbon and its Compounds Carbon dioxide is present in the atmosphere(0.03%) and in the form of minerals(0.02%). Almost all organisms are carbon-based. Read Also: Click on the given links Acids Bases And Salts  Chemical Reactions and Equations Covalent bonding in Carbon Compounds. Electronic configuration of carbon (atomic no. 6) is  K  L                                                                                              2  4 … Read more

Acids Bases And Salts | Class 10th CBSE Chemistry Revision Notes

Acids, Bases, And Salts:- All the chemical compounds can be classified on the basis of their chemical properties as acids bases and salts. Check Revision Notes: Chemical Reactions and Equations Acids Acids are those chemical substances that have a sour taste and change blue litmus paper red. It also have a corrosive nature. Some common … Read more

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